Musamachina | Musa Machina
Based in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Paris, we are specialists in Sound Branding and Sound Design. Since 1999 we have created sounds and scores for clients around the world. Our studio finds the perfect balance between analog and digital instruments, complemented with electronic sound production.
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A dynamic collective

Our team consists of a
creative collective of sound designers, musicians,engineers,
and sound communication specialists.

We love to play real instruments and record, mix, and manipulate sounds. We work in our studio filled with passion and transfer this into our technology to deliver the best scores and sound experiences for our clients.

Our approach

We are the second sound design agency created in France, and our human-centered design and efficiency have always been qualities appreciated by our clients. Musa Machina is determined to provide the best quality at the most reasonable prices. Just let us know what you’re looking for!

‘’We believe that well designed sounds have the power to arouse memorable emotions, giving a new dimension to storytelling and connecting with the audience’’
Founder & ceo
Charles Vannier

Charles Vannier, 42, founded Musa Machina and continues to direct the company as CEO. An experienced sound designer, Charles specializes in capturing the emotional side of music. Based in Paris and throughout Asia, he draws his inspiration from all cultures in order to create insightful and captivating pieces of music.


Charles Vannier is also the Managing Partner and Asia Director of Inflexia, a social media and digital marketing agency.

They trust in us

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