Musamachina | Expertise
Based in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Paris, we are specialists in Sound Branding and Sound Design. Since 1999 we have created sounds and scores for clients around the world. Our studio finds the perfect balance between analog and digital instruments, complemented with electronic sound production.
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What do we do?

We create with purpose, connecting people with inspiring companies.

We compose creative sound design experiences and sound branding for creative specialists, hotels/spas, brands, and companies. Any people with ideas! Musa Machina provides professional audio solutions adapted to your needs in the physical and digital world. We welcome any individual with an idea to take advantage of our services.

Our services

Original music

Original music

We craft original music for movies, advertising, gaming, mobile applications, Flash showreel, and many more.

We also offer post production services for videos to add audio tracks to videos.



We work with artists from many nationalities to create voice-overs. Uses are diverse, from storytelling and children’ stories to songs.

Music library

Music library

Many musical genres are available in our library (jazz, rock, classic etc.). It also includes more than 2000 scores, giving you a vast choice to fit your needs.

Key facts



Creating unique sound
experiences for companies



Up to 15 people sometimes work
on the same score


Musical pieces

produced, ever increasing as we continue
to be inspired



Our network includes more than
20 specialists in their field

They trust in us

Do you want to talk about a project ?